We recognize that achieving results for our clients is important, but, performance by itself is insufficient without regular communication, a full understanding of our clients’ goals, and sharing our guidance. Establishing a personal relationship with our clients is a critical element to obtaining the desired results.


Experience comes in many forms and in many ways. As business owners, investors, parents, spouses, and friends, life has given us opportunities to gain wisdom. As investors, for example, we have seen several real estate cycles, Facebook sell at $17 per share, Apple sell at $2 per share, Treasuries yield 15%, and more. This experience provides a perspective on market fluctuations and an awareness of potential irrational movements. In addition to the many years of investment management by the investment advisors at Vertex Financial Advisors, there is a wealth of practical experience from taking risk in personal investment decisions. This contributes to an even greater concern for our clients’ money. We will not recommend vehicles in which we would not invest ourselves.

Strength & Safety

Vertex Financial Advisors uses National Financial Services (NFS) as the primary custodian for client assets. Monthly statements are generated by NFS, affording our clients the security of outside verification of their asset values and returns. In addition, Vertex Financial Advisors provides each client a quarterly analysis of their accounts and our advisory performance. Clients’ NFS accounts are covered by SIPC insurance. Vertex Financial Services are: