Investment Advisory


Your Investment Policy Statement is the first step to developing your investment portfolio. By defining your investment goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and performance measurement criteria, it should dictate what investments are appropriate for YOUR investment portfolio. Developing your investment portfolio Asset Allocation Model is the next and most critical step. Asset classes that we consider include: stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments. Our success, however, is largely predicated on over-weighting sectors that we believe will outperform the overall market. Choosing the appropriate investment choice for each asset class or sector is a process that we take great pride in. Our process includes the use of a proprietary screening software that allows us to scan the entire universe of mutual funds to find the best performing funds year-to-date and over 3, 5 and 10 year periods. We also perform an environmental scan to predict how factors beyond our control may impact client portfolio results. Factors that we evaluate include, Technological, Political, Social and Economic. Because we are not paid commissions, our investment recommendations are always made based on what is in your best interest not ours.

Hands-On Professional Advice

Vertex Financial Advisors does not utilize robo advisors. We believe in human interaction. We offer to meet with all of our advisory clients on a quarterly basis.

Ongoing Portfolio and Goal Monitoring

Once your portfolio is set, our work does not stop there. We believe in constant review and monitoring of your investments to ensure they continue to support your goals. Expect consistent communication with us, from regular emails and telephone calls, to quarterly performance reviews. As a service-oriented investment advisory firm, we purposely limit our client base, allowing us to offer a more personalized experience. Vertex Financial Advisors is licensed as a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Pennsylvania.